Streatley Youth Hostel

Streatley Youth Hostel

Mend the Gap was one of a number of organisations to support the Vision for the future of Streatley Youth Hostel, by supporting their feasibility study.

The Project

The feasibility study was to explore the options for retaining youth-hostel type provision in the Goring and Streatley area, as the current youth hostel in Streatley is at risk of closure. The YHA are working with the local community and iYHA front door in Streatleynterested stakeholders to explore options for the hostel’s future.

The feasibility study would look into what options and requirements are needed to establish a sustainable future for the existing building and whether there are alternative sites.




The Feasibility Study

The study outlined various options which could be combined depending on their viability. There were options to make the building more environmentally friendly, for example using solar panels, making the route to the building more accessible, extending or adapting the existing building and re-landscaping or adding new structures to the garden.

Next Steps

The feasibility study will now be issued to the Streatley Steering Group for review. It will then go to the YHA Executive and YHA board for further review, to determine whether a full Feasibility Study of the preferred option is the next best step.

See how this process was carried out and who has supported the YHA at this point here. 

For the latest on the outcome of this study please click here.