South Stoke - The Park

South Stoke – The Park

Mend the Gap has supported South Stoke Parish Council to landscape an area of ground as a park for the whole community. When finished this will include, wildlife friendly planting, a pond, growing beds and a quiet space for reflection and socialising. The area is near to the school, church and village hall, and it will be accessed by everyone in the community.

The Project - ongoing

Proposed by South Stoke Parish council and South Stoke Wildlife & Conservation Group, the project aims to enhance the public space in the heart of South Stoke called ‘The Park’ to:

  • improve the biodiversity of the environment
  • improve the community’s understanding and engagement with wildlife and nature
  • produce high quality organic food using permaculture principles
  • allow public access to communal areas to promote the enjoyment and understanding of the site.

The project comprises of growing plots, communal growing areas, communal covered area, an orchard, a wildlife pond, a grassland area and improved access.

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